In 1980, Cees Nooteboom published his novel Rituelen (Rituals), one of the most popular and most translated books in Dutch literature. The book is a moving novel about different generations – sometimes tragic, sometimes tragicomic – based on three decades in the life of dilettante Inni Wintrop. The author himself recorded the complete novel as an audiobook in 2008. Click below to listen to the first chapter (in Dutch only).


A collection of short film and video excerpts, recorded in Spain and Menorca, Norway, French-speaking Canada, at the book fair in Antwerp and the 2009 Gedichtenbal (Poetry Ball) at the Paradiso in Amsterdam.

Photographs, book covers and documents

Nooteboom’s debut novel, Philip en de anderen (Philip and the Others), came out in 1955. He was twenty-two years old at the time. Where did the inspiration come from? READ MORE

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Cees Nooteboom is known primarily for his novels and his travel books. As far as he is concerned, however, poetry comes first. READ MORE

Many of Nooteboom’s essays deal with art, particularly those branches with a visual focus: painting, architecture, film and photography. READ MORE